Our Story

Since there is some misinformation being spread out there, I figured I would set the record straight.  Generation Cover would not have existed without me.  The band was my idea.  Four of us were playing in another band together and separately we were unhappy.  I saw this and took action before anyone quit.  We met in my dining room.  The name of the band was my idea.  During that meeting, each of us took on different tasks to get it started.  I took the job of telling the old band leader that ALL of us had quit.  No one else had to talk to him.  I also informed all the venues that the band was booked at, that there was no longer a band.  Rachel was tasked with starting a Facebook page for the new band.  My wife Rhonda agreed to do our booking.

For the next 4 years things functioned fairly smooth.  After about two years our original guitarist decided that our schedule was more than he could keep, so we found another guitarist.  He left on good terms. The second guitarist lasted less than a year.  Yoko Ono Syndrome..  We had to let him go because of his wife.  One year ago our third guitarist joined the band.  From the beginning I was uneasy.  I wanted to try out a couple more, but Rachel was not having it.  She was firm.  We agreed and he joined.  It was very obvious from the beginning that Rachel was interested in Dempsey as more than just the bands guitarist.  Within a few months, I knew that the days of this band were numbered.  As they became a "couple" her attitude changed.  He obviously convinced her that she was the only reason for our success.  They began to complain more and more..  In the last few months, there have been numerous knock down, drag out wars of words.   The end was inevitable.  I truly believe that were it not for him, we would still be together.
As far as the working aspect of the band, ALL of the Facebook posts were done by Robert, our bassist, and he did a great job.  Over the past 4 years, I have literally spent thousands of dollars out of my own pocket to better this band.  This website has been paid for my me, along with another one to try to get bookings.  Robert and I would arrive 3 hours early to the shows to get everything set up.  Rhonda did all the bookings..  without receiving a dime in return.  She did that willingly.  The two people that did the least became more and more abrasive.  
When Robert decided that he had had enough, I agreed and on April 24th, everyone was informed that the two of us were quitting.  Since we did the lion share of the work, we asked that the band be dissolved and that the Facebook page be shut down.  Because Rachel started the page (see first paragraph) she had decided that this was her band and that it would continue.  Because my wife had booked all of the gigs, I told her to cancel them.  I was told that the only reason we had gigs was because of our lead singer.  Our lead singer had become something that she never was before... A huge Diva.   We were immediately removed as admins from the page, and then in a move that demonstrates my last sentence, the name of the Facebook page was changed to "Generation Cover featuring Rachel Morgan...
A post was made that Robert and I had retired and hung up our instruments.  Any comment to the contrary, and there were quite a few that I saw, was removed.  My wife got a call from at least one venue that was contacted and told that Rhonda had been fired and that the band, with new members, would take the booked, but cancelled shows.   The venues told Rhonda that the shows were cancelled for Generation Rachel, and also told her that as soon as I had the new band up and running to contact them for bookings. 
This has been a tough few months and even tougher last week to pull the plug on something that I worked so hard for.  In the end, it wasn't fun any more. I do this for fun.  End of story.
Be on the lookout for a new project, that is already moving forward.  I am excited and I am definitely NOT RETIRED!